Crisis Management and Crisis Planning

When a crisis incident or major event occurs is your organisation ready to respond? Having appropriate measures in place and an ability to respond quickly can often prevent escalation of an incident into a crisis that could compromise safety of individuals and assets, lose reputation and diminish integrity.

Characteristics of Incidents:

  • Lack of accurate information.
  • Number of interested parties.
  • Conflict of self-interests.
  • Public concern.
  • Speed of events/duration.
  • Costs and damages.
  • Liabilities.

Crisis Planning requires:

  • Awareness of an event.
  • A decision making body.
  • Means to implement decisions reached.
  • Control of information flow.
  • Ability to deploy key individuals and support.
 Elements of Crisis Management:  


MRC 24/7 Crisis Link

Humanitarian Emergency Crisis Response:

On behalf of one of our major clients, MRC has formed a core group of consultants with experience of crisis and security risk management and planning in particular detailed knowledge of deployments into conflict affected regions or for humanitarian emergency response.

Through MRC the team will respond to calls from the client on a 24/7 basis to deploy multi-skilled teams with logistic support overseas at very short notice. Through this developed experience we are able to offer a similar service to our other clients.

Advance Planning and Preparation:


By planning in advance the aim of MRC is to minimise the effect of any incident by producing a strategy and plan to be utilised in the event of an incident occurring or becoming worse. By working together with the clients’ key personnel and by utilising our team of consultants we are able to provide cost effective solutions.

Advance planning can be followed up by site risk assessments to ensure measures are in date and suitable for application within a client’s organisation.


MRC 'Planning Clinics'

On request MRC will provide a bespoke ‘planning clinic’ to ensure that your organisation has a Crisis Management Plan that is both effective and flexible to meet the challenges of your organisation. A more in-depth provision can be provided for key crisis management personnel to include case studies and workshops in order to meet your own organisations’ uniqueness.

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