"A safe and secure working environment is fundamental to business and organisational success and we seek to protect our clients’ personnel, physical assets, information and reputation from harm."

Most organisations need to mitigate risk and plan how best to protect assets (tangible and intangible), employees and reputation. To generate timely and cost-effective measures we will work with you to develop an integrated and practical approach. We provide impartial advice, and aim to integrate all elements of the security operation, so as to make full and best use of all available resources. In doing this we seek to support your organisations' business requirements; balanced against the specific threats, vulnerabilities, and consequent risks, that you face.

Our Approach
Security/risk management is generally conducted in three stages, and it is important that an entity has the systems, procedures and organisation to manage this process. These stages are:


The Risks Facing our Clients
These can be considered in the following categories:
  • Locational Risks – arising from countries or regions where present. Examples include: level of terrorist threat, levels of crime (violent crime and corruption), natural disaster risk, political risk and human rights.
  • Business Activity Risks – arising from what a client does. Examples include: supply chain risks, health and safety and contract-related (e.g. a contract generating reputational, criminal/terrorist, and/or protest group issues).
  • Management Risks – arising from how a client conducts its business. Examples include: corporate governance, litigation, IT security/information leak, and corporate killing and discrimination/class actions. Organisational Reviews In understanding our clients’ requirements an organisational review can be an extremely helpful way of understanding within an organisation: what is important and potentially at risk, what they have in place and how they compare with ‘best practice’ – notwithstanding their inherent culture and approach to risk.


In support of clients our services include (list not exhaustive):

  • Strategic organisational reviews.
  • Detailed site and system audits.
  • Business continuity support.
  • Crime prevention advice. Crisis management planning.
  • Evacuation procedures and assistance with task coordination.

We deploy and manage consultants and security operatives on a regular basis to conduct risk and security reviews, assessments, audits and protective security assignments across the UK and overseas.

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