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Body Guarding and the British Army

In the 1960s the Special Air Service (SAS) were tasked to provide Body Guarding expertise to protect Government dignitaries and Embassies exposed to hostilities in the Protectorate of Aden initially. To facilitate this new role a number of SAS Soldiers attended training and experienced operations with the US Secret Service who provide protection to the US President amongst others.

This expertise was brought back to the HQ in Hereford and refined further under the guise of the ‘BG Wing’, a newly formed standalone sub unit of the SAS who provided advice to Government and carried out protective operations. The BG Wing also put trained SAS soldiers through three weeks intensive training to earn the unit qualification ‘SAS Body Guard’.

Bob Cole, Director Minimal Risk was one such instructor and conducted tasks in Africa, The Middle East and South America.

Throughout the 70s and 80s the SAS continues to develop BG techniques and trained Foreign Diplomatic teams around the world and provided protection to threatened UK interests in a number of Hi Risk regions. As the role expanded during this period the SAS also trained up the Royal Military Police (RMP) teams who subsequently took over the role of protecting British Ambassadors overseas releasing the SAS to conduct more specialist operations. The RMP went on to develop their own renowned ‘CP’ Wing based at Longmoor and continue to protect British Ambassadors and UK staff in High Risk posts to this day.

During the 2003 Gulf Conflict the RMP were unable to meet all of their commitments due to overstretch so select UK Private Security Companies (PSCs) were contracted by the FCO to provide Armed CP Teams operating B6 Armoured vehicles to protect UK Government Officials in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and elsewhere, a service which still continues.

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